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2012 Sponsors

Thanks to all of our sponsors for this years race!



Course Safety

The Skylands Downhill course will be converted to comply with the safety standards of the IGSA (International Gravity Sports Association) by utilizing 500 bales of straw strategically placed in energy absorbing patterns, to minimize the risk of injury along the 2 km course.

Ten course marshals will be strategically placed at various points along the course. Each will be outfitted in a bright orange safety vest for high visibility and will be equipped with a radio and a set of signal flags to alert competitors to upcoming conditions. Those marshals that will be placed in areas prone to crashing will be issued brooms or gas powered, leaf blowers to keep the track surface clean and safe. Each marshal will be instructed in safety procedures, proper straw bale placement and radio operations.

During all course activities, First Aid attendants, will be stationed at the mid section of the course for quick deployment. They will be in direct communication with the corner marshals and race control enabling them to respond to any emergency at a moment’s notice.

Spectators and racers will be able to observe the racing from the sidelines in designated areas. To keep racers and spectators off the sides of the race course and away from unprotected areas, a shuttle bus will be used to move spectators to the safe spectator zones and racers to the top of the course. For comfort portable toilets will be placed in designated areas.