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2012 Sponsors

Thanks to all of our sponsors for this years race!



Rider Safety


Safety has always been the number one priority in the IGSA (International Gravity Sports Association). They lead the industry by always requiring participants to wear Full Leathers, Full Face Helmet and Leather Gloves. This standard will be implemented into the Skylands Downhill. Every participant is required to pass a technical inspection before being allowed to participate. During the Technical Inspection, every athlete’s skateboard and safety equipment are checked to see that it is in good condition and that conforms to the highest level of safety.

Through years of experience, IGSA Officials have developed specific ways of setting the straw bales in minimize injury. Bales are often set to allow them to move upon impact resulting in controlled deceleration. A great deal of thought is put into the placement of each section of straw bales. Making sure areas with the highest probability of slide outs to be covered the most. Crash pads will also be used to cover any permanent safety hazards such as street signs.

The corner marshals and event officials also play a vital role in the protection of competitors. They use colored flags to alert competitors to the conditions ahead and two way radios that enable them to monitor conditions over the entire course. By using these resources in combination, we are able to keep the competitors safety at a very high level.